About Us

Metform Industries Pte Ltd was established in 1982 . The main activity then was the fabrication of sheet metal products metal door frame. The objective was to capitalize on the introduction of metal door frame to the HDB projects.

Metform was listed as one of the approved supplier on the HDB List of  Approved Supplier in 1993. Details of approval can be viewed @ http://www.HDbuilders.com

To sustain growth , Metform Industries diversified into the industrial sector market in 1987 by investing in sophisticated machineries and offering our services to companies like Uniysis, Makino, Fujitec and etc. for the production of their precision sheet metal parts and components

In 1992 Metform Industries expanded into the private building sector offering a range of fire rated products such as Hoppers and fire rated Doors.

In 1997 Metform Industries diversified into the manufacturing of metal cable support system complying with Singapore Standard SS 249 for Steel Cable Trunking and Accessories.

In addition Metform Industries also possess  precision machining capability. This capability not only enhance our sheet metal manufacturing capability but also provides us opportunities to expand into new sector.

With the addition of two coating facilities, i.e. Cathodic Electro Deposition(CED) in 1991 and Epoxy Powder Coating in 1998, we are certainly one stop closer towards our commitment to offer a comprehensive metal fabrication service to our valued customers.

Awards & Certifications

1) Registered with Singapore Construction Industries Development Board (CIDB) under the  work Heading SY O3 , Grade L4 and CWOI , Grade G1 which qualify the company to tender Windows Frame & Glazing works of up to S$5 million and General Building works of up to S$500,000 respectively.

2) In the manufacturing of  Sheet Metal Products, Metform Industries were certified to the ISO 9002-1994 Standard in 1999 by the Singapore Productivity and Standard Board (PSB) and was successfully upgraded to the ISO 9000-20000 version in 2001.

3) Metform‘s two surface coating facilities, i.e. Cathodic-Electro Deposition(CED) Coating and Powder Coating process were also successfully certified to have achieve the ISO 9000 2000 in year 2001.

4) Steel Surface Cable Trunking and Accessories manufactured by Metform was certified to comply with SS 249 Standard and are listed in PSB 's product Listing Scheme (PLS) under Class 1A in year 2000. This product was listed in the PLS under the name of EM Industries Pte Ltd which market this products.

5) Fire rated Hopper Door manufactured by Metform Industries Pte Ltd, marketed by GP  Global  Pte Ltd, was successfully listed in the PSB's Products Listing Scheme under Class 1A category in year 2002, being the first company to list this product in this  category

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